Artist Statement

“A symphony of colours”

I would like to build a painting that would last for generations. To achieve this I use the best quality materials and different techniques in their correct orders. That gives the contrast, depth and dimension as well as sophistication in colours. All coming together with the old master’s techniques of layers over layers.

Painting is the language of the soul for me, therefore the artistic voice must be rich. It is the celebration of life, love and laughter, therefore it must be eternal.

I love to achieve the symphony of colours, shapes and textures; and everything must be made to dance with perfect harmony. Forever silently communicating to the hearts of many, by the sound of colours.


Meltem graduated from Ege University, Izmir where she studied Quantitative Economics. After setting up a public relations business she moved to London in the late 1980's, where she has continued to live ever since. Meltem has attended Fine Art courses at Chelsea and Richmond Schools of Art and then she committed full time to painting at Heatherly School of Fine Art in Chelsea to do continuous studies.

She has been able to explore new avenues and develop her own painterly language. Meltem’s work is drawn from sources as diverse as the Human figure, the constantly changing landscape around her and her life experiences. On viewing Meltem’s work the viewer is drawn into the painting through layering of oils and using a variety of media to complete her finished work. Through this process the painting it’s self takes on a life of it’s own allowing the viewer to step into the painting and start a visual journey with the artist. With Meltem’s ability to use different media for different subjects, her work remains as fresh as when her work was first seen and continues to evolve constantly.
Troubadour Gallery, Earl’s Court Festival, August 2007
The Gallery, 27 Cork Street, Mayfair, September 2007
Galeriazero, Barcelona, Spain, November 2007
The Gallery, 27 Cork Street, Mayfair, February 2008
Squareone Gallery, Chelsea, June/August 2008
Room for Art, Cobham, October/January 2009
Private Exhibition, Drax Avenue, Wimbledon, September 2012
Studio9, Wimbledon, December 2012 - 2020
Wimbledon Art Studios 2018 – 2021
Battersea Affordable Art Fair July 2021
Iona House Gallery Summer Exhibition 17th July - 5th September 2021
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